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Seattle has been a cultural force in the Pacific Northwest since the ocean was unnamed as far the inhabitants of the isthmus were concerned. Then the settlement was bustling with a burgeoning American Indian economy and culture. Well, in the 21st century, four millennium later, Seattle, Washington remains as busy a city with a healthy social life. There are concerts, theater productions, and sports.

The Seattle concert tickets scene did not burn itself out in the post-grunge world. Great music, both independent and mainstream continues to thrive as the more than 3 million citizen's thirst music has not waned. Venues like the Showbox SoDo and the Neptune Theatre continue to host the biggest names in indie rock, mainstream rock, hip hop, and much more.

The theater scene is one of the healthiest outside the boundaries of Broadway. The 5th Avenue Theatre and Paramount Theatre play host to big touring Broadway productions. This means Seattle-ites have the chance to enjoy the tear-inspiring performances of shows like Wicked and the hilarious antics of shows like the Addams Family like any other major metropolitan area in the United States.

Seattle sports are severely underrated by those outside the area. This is an avid fan base showing up in droves to sell out CenturyLink Field to cheer on the Seahawks and a visiting Washington Huskies football team. They remain dedicates Mariners fans at Safeco Field, even with the recent roster turnover. This is one of the few American cities whose entire population seems to have embraced the sport of soccer and the MLS. The Seattle Sounders FC have filled the standings at CenturyLink with those fans who have discovered a worthy team to fill the hole left in their hearts by the Supersonics' departure.

Seattle, Washington is an incredible urban landscape, one with amazing architecture, still great music, one of the most enviable theater scenes, and a sports fan base always acting in support of the local athletes. Seattle event tickets are here to enjoy a night out in the Emerald City, a city with more than concerts, theater productions, and sports games to keep the population entertained.

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